Client Events

Event Name Event Source Cancellable Can Bubble Prevent Default Action
drag-started dashlet true false Prevents Dragging
dashlet:drag-started dashboard true true Prevents Dragging
drag-zone-entering dashlet true false Prevents Animation Of Drop Zone Indicator
dashlet:drag-zone-entering dashboard true true Prevents Animation Of Drop Zone Indicator
drag-zone-entered dashlet false false -
dashlet:drag-zone-entered dashboard false true -
drag-zone-left dashlet false false -
dashlet:drag-zone-left dashboard false true -
drop-to-zone-starting dashlet true false Prevents Dropping (Reverts Back To Original Position)
dashlet:drop-to-zone-starting dashboard true true Prevents Dropping (Reverts Back To Original Position)
drop-to-zone-end dashlet false false -
dashlet:drop-to-zone-end dashboard false true -
dashlet-module:drag-started dashboard true true Prevents Dragging of Dashlet Module
after-place dashlet false false -
jdash:dashlet.after-place document false false
dashlet-removing dashlet true false Prevents Removing Of Dashlet
dashlet:dashlet-removing dashboard true true Prevents Removing Of Dashlet
dashlet-removed dashlet false false -
dashlet:dashlet-removed dashboard false true -
viewmode-change layout false true -
attributeChanged All Jdash Created Elements false false -
jdash:component.created window false false -
state-change dashboard false false -
layout-ready dashboard false false -
execute-configuredashlet dashlet true true Prevents Opening Configurator
execute-setdashlettitle dashlet true true Prevents Activating Dashlet Title Prompt
execute-clonedashlet dashlet true true Prevents Cloning Dashlet
execute-removedashlet dashlet true true Prevents Removing Action
after-configuredashlet dashlet false true -
after-setdashlettitle dashlet false true -
after-clonedashlet dashlet false true -
after-removedashlet dashlet false true -
execute-closeeditor dashlet-editor true true -
after-closeeditor dashlet-editor false true -
before-setconfig dashlet-editor true true -
after-setconfig dashlet-editor false true -