Basic Concepts

Using JDash you can add drag & drop, end-user designable dashboards to your application.


Licensing Models

There are two licensing models.

JDash Cloud

You can use JDash Cloud to store dashboard & dashlet related data.

If you have a cloud based application and don't want to integrate JDash backend platform into your server application, this is an ideal, cheap and fast solution to get you up.

On Premise

If you are a developer/company, who develops applications for other customers or if you have a product, into which you want to embed JDash, this is the right license type for you.

You can integrate JDash backend platform into your server application easily.

If you need to implement other platforms/database servers, just drop us an e-mail (

Custom elements

JDash uses W3C custom elements spec for dashlet development.

On top of this spec, we developed a component framework to make dashlet development easier.

Here is a sample dashlet.

<j-dashlet id="hello-world" title="Hello world!">
        <!-- This will be the HTML content of your dashlet  -->
        <!-- Think template as user interface layer of your dashlet -->

        // An optional javascript function allows you implement
        // your business logic.
        jdash.define(function () {

            this.initialized = function () {
                // Dom is ready!
                var h1 = this.querySelector('h1')
                h1.textContent = 'Hello World!';

Above code snippet defines hello-world custom element, which inherits from jdash.Dashlet class.

You can also use this element directly inside your HTML.


Key elements

Below table shows key elements and descriptions.

Element Description
j-dashboard Displays dashboard
j-dashlet Defines a new dashlet element
j-grid-layout Multi column/row layout

Dashboard element contains one layout element and many dashlets inside that layout element. Layout is responsible for managing drag-drop, resizing and saving/loading dashlet positions.

It is also possible to develop new layout elements by inheriting jdash.DashboardLayout class. Currently JDash framework contains one layout element: j-grid-layout.